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Employer name: Winkler Pool Management
State: Maryland
Type of Business: Pool Management
Website: http://www.winklerpool.com/
Job title: Lifeguard
Number of positions: 10
Gender: Any
Start Date: May 22
End Date: Sep 5 - Sep 8
English level required: advanced
Pay rate: 9.00$/h
Tips: No
Discounts/Bonuses: Yes
Housing: $120 per person, per week
Position description & Requirements:

Lifeguard – As a lifeguard you will have to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the swimmers. You have to be able to recognize and react properly in emergency situations. Also, you must check and maintain specific chemical levels in the pool and operate the pool filtration system. Additional required duties are: cleaning the pool and surrounding area- deck, guard office, pump room, cleaning the restrooms, trash removal and enforcing facility rules and gate control. If lifeguards work 6.5 hours or more, at a multi-guard facility, they are required to take a half an hour break.