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Customer Service/Hospitality and Food Service

Employer name: Milwaukee Sportservices Inc
State: Wisconsin
Type of Business: Concession/Food Service
Website: www.delawarenorth.com
Job title: Customer Service/Hospitality and Food Service
Number of positions: 100
Gender: Any
Start Date: May 22 - Jun 15
End Date: Aug 15 - Aug 30
English level required: advanced
Pay rate: 9.00$/h
Tips: No
Discounts/Bonuses: Yes
Housing: $105 per person, per week
Position description & Requirements:

Customer Service/Hospitality and Food Service – MUST be able to SMILE AND BE FRIENDLY! ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (DEPENDING ON COOK LEVEL): Prepares food to specifications. Properly measures and portions all food items. Cooks all food to proper specifications in a timely manner. Utilizes kitchen equipment to prepare food items such as: knives, slicers, whips, pots, pans, warmers, steamers, grills, ovens, etc. Ensures proper food temperatures are maintained and food is stored correctly. Ensures freshness and quality of all menu items. Hospitality Services: May include but not limited to cleaning of stands, mopping, wiping down counters and appliances. Retail: Merchandising and selling retail items; working with cash and computer system to sell items. Dealing one on one with customers. Must have a friendly attitude and be pleasant to guests. Must have an understanding of American currency. Must be able to serve alcohol and pork.